Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
id CHAR 36 null
calls.parent_id Defined in XMLR
emails.parent_id Defined in XMLR
meetings.parent_id Defined in XMLR
messages.parent_id Defined in XMLR
notes.parent_id Defined in XMLR
product_bundles.id Defined in XMLR
products.quote_id Defined in XMLR
quotes_audit.parent_id Defined in XMLR
revenue_line_items.quote_id Defined in XMLR
tasks.parent_id Defined in XMLR
locked_field_bean_rel.bean_id Defined in XMLR
quotes_accounts.quote_id Defined in XMLR
quotes_contacts.quote_id Defined in XMLR
activities_users.parent_id Defined in XMLR
quotes_audit.parent_id Defined in XMLR
quotes_opportunities.quote_id Defined in XMLR
tag_bean_rel.bean_id Defined in XMLR
documents_quotes.quote_id Defined in XMLR
emails_beans.bean_id Defined in XMLR
contracts_quotes.quote_id Defined in XMLR
projects_quotes.quote_id Defined in XMLR
name VARCHAR 255 null
date_entered DATETIME 26 null
date_modified DATETIME 26 null
modified_user_id CHAR 36 null
users.id Defined in XMLR
created_by CHAR 36 null
users.id Defined in XMLR
description TEXT 65535 null
deleted BIT 1 0
shipper_id CHAR 36 null
shippers.id Defined in XMLR
taxrate_id CHAR 36 null
taxrates.id Defined in XMLR
taxrate_value DECIMAL 26,6 0.000000
show_line_nums BIT 1 1
quote_type VARCHAR 255 null
date_quote_expected_closed DATE 10 null
original_po_date DATE 10 null
payment_terms VARCHAR 128 null
date_quote_closed DATE 10 null
date_order_shipped DATE 10 null
order_stage VARCHAR 100 null
quote_stage VARCHAR 100 null
purchase_order_num VARCHAR 50 null
quote_num INT 10 null
subtotal DECIMAL 26,6 null
subtotal_usdollar DECIMAL 26,6 null
shipping DECIMAL 26,6 0.000000
shipping_usdollar DECIMAL 26,6 null
discount DECIMAL 26,6 0.000000
deal_tot DECIMAL 26,2 null
deal_tot_discount_percentage DECIMAL 26,2 0.00
deal_tot_usdollar DECIMAL 26,2 null
new_sub DECIMAL 26,6 null
new_sub_usdollar DECIMAL 26,6 null
taxable_subtotal DECIMAL 26,6 null
tax DECIMAL 26,6 0.000000
tax_usdollar DECIMAL 26,6 null
total DECIMAL 26,6 null
total_usdollar DECIMAL 26,6 null
billing_address_street VARCHAR 150 null
billing_address_city VARCHAR 100 null
billing_address_state VARCHAR 100 null
billing_address_postalcode VARCHAR 20 null
billing_address_country VARCHAR 100 null
shipping_address_street VARCHAR 150 null
shipping_address_city VARCHAR 100 null
shipping_address_state VARCHAR 100 null
shipping_address_postalcode VARCHAR 20 null
shipping_address_country VARCHAR 100 null
renewal BIT 1 0
sync_key VARCHAR 100 null
assigned_user_id CHAR 36 null
users.id Defined in XMLR
team_id CHAR 36 null
teams.id Defined in XMLR
team_set_id CHAR 36 null
team_sets.id Defined in XMLR
team_sets_teams.team_set_id Defined in XMLR
acl_team_set_id CHAR 36 null
currency_id CHAR 36 -99
currencies.id Defined in XMLR
base_rate DECIMAL 26,6 null


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
PRIMARY Primary key Asc id
idx_quote_date_quote_expected_closed Performance Asc date_quote_expected_closed
idx_quote_quote_stage Performance Asc quote_stage
idx_quotes_acl_tmst_id Performance Asc/Asc acl_team_set_id + deleted
idx_quotes_assigned_del Performance Asc/Asc assigned_user_id + deleted
idx_quotes_del_d_e Performance Asc/Asc/Asc deleted + date_entered + id
idx_quotes_del_d_m Performance Asc/Asc/Asc deleted + date_modified + id
idx_quotes_id_del Performance Asc/Asc id + deleted
idx_quotes_name_del Performance Asc/Asc name + deleted
idx_quotes_skey Must be unique Asc sync_key
idx_quotes_tmst_id Performance Asc/Asc team_set_id + deleted
quote_num Must be unique Asc quote_num