Table ss710pr.oauth_consumer Generated by
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Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
id char 36
oauth_tokens.consumer Defined in XML R
activities_users.parent_id Defined in XML R
name varchar 255  √  null
date_entered datetime 19  √  null
date_modified datetime 19  √  null
modified_user_id char 36  √  null Defined in XML R
created_by char 36  √  null Defined in XML R
description text 65535  √  null
deleted bit 1  √  0
assigned_user_id char 36  √  null Defined in XML R
c_key varchar 255  √  null
c_secret varchar 255  √  null
oauth_type varchar 50  √  oauth1
client_type varchar 50  √  user

Analyzed at Tue Nov 12 01:31 UTC 2013

Column(s) Type Sort Constraint Name Anomalies
id Primary key Asc PRIMARY  
c_key Must be unique Asc ckey This unique column is also nullable
date_modified Performance Asc oauth_consumermod  

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